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4th Annual
Attractive Man Retreat

February 23-26, 2023


Phoenix Arizona

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Learn how to be a confident, calm, masculine leader in your life and relationships.

Learn how to grown the connection and intimacy you want and desire.

Reignite the passion you used to have!

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Do you feel like you are not doing it for her anymore?

Do you feel you are only there to pay the bills?

Does your boss turn to others for input?

Is she more interested in her cell phone then you?


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Are you fighting more?

Worse is your wife disengaged?

Is she more critical?  Disrespectful?

Does she avoid your touch?


What if we could show you how to live and lead  an amzing life including the secrets of attracting her?

Just starting over is not the answer.  

Learn what should be taught to every man, but isn't.



Join us if you would like to level up your life.

  • This is for any man, married, single, or divorced who feels like he wants more of his life and relationships.

  • It's ideal for men missing the feeling of brotherhood, having a tribe of men who have your back.

  • We will share some counter intuitive secrets that can cause, or help prevent divorce and make you more desirable.

  • Learn how to not just be her provider and protector, but also her passionate lover again!

  • Be a man who stops just existing, and start living a fufilling vibrant life.

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Learn  how to build intimacy and connection.

Learn how to stop the self defeating behaviors that kill intimacy and sexual desire.

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Learn how to talk to her so she wants to lean in and hug you.

Make her giggle, feel safe and secure with you.

Make her forget about her phone.

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How to stand confidently strong during her feminine storms.

Handle your handgun confidently.

To laugh when she gives you shit.
Behaviors that make YOU attractive to her.

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How do guns teach you about relationship skills?

Do you feel you have received adequate training with either?

You can learn to lead in your relationship, and safely and effectively carry a gun.

Canva - Woman And Man Wearing Brown Jack

Are you fighting more?

Worse is your wife feel disengaged?

Is she more critical?  Disrespectful?

Does she avoid your touch?


Handgun Course
February 23-26, 2023


The Palace

Picture this, you fly into Phoenix in February, 77 degrees, arrive to a gorgeous "guy's palace" with pool, pool table, and a fire pit.  Shake hands and guy hugs with other men from around the country and around the world who are excited to be great men in the world, for themselves, their partner, and the world.

Learn exactly how to be more confident both in their relationships and carrying a gun, and more attractive to the special woman in their lives.  We will make life-long connections with each other, support each other more deeply than maybe any other male friendship we've ever had.  Fly home with a smile on our face, knowing we have up-leveled our lives permanently.

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Past Retreats

Range time!






shells on floor






john c







Relationship skills for today's man and leadership tools for more self-confidence and massive self respect at home and work (keys to attraction)


Basic and Intermediate

Pistol Skills Training

Deep conversations

Hiking and bullriding


100s of rounds down range


Chef Cooked Meals


Camaraderie with other guys


In the heat of the moment, when split-second decisions need to be made how do you show up and handle a threat?
She's attracted to a man that's emotionally strong and situationally aware. 
Using a gun, having sex, and connected intimacy all need the same thing - a man that can handle their shit.


You will work on your confidence, relationship skills as well as your firearm skills. 
Over the weekend there will be three sessions at the gun range where you will fire over a 100 rounds down range.

You will dramatically increase your ability to get shots on target quickly and accurately.  You will progress to timed presentation on target from a holster getting two solid hits in around 2 seconds.


You do not eve need to own a gun to participate, guns will be provided if needed.

Let us help you become the confident attractive man she desires.

$2500 all inclusive-(excluding travel & ammo)


Fine Print

We start with the fundamentals - SAFETY.  For those with no experience, or limited professional training, this is just the ticket.


Have a new gun, or never learned how to work yours, then this is for you.  


You will learn the fundamentals of marksmanship (grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger pull and follow through).


We will progress towards self-defense type shooting. 


Our trainers are John Correia & Neil Weidner from Active Self Protection.

REQUIREMENTS: Bring your own gun if you have one.  Other wise 150-200 rounds of 9 mm for the handgun weekend.  


After establishing the fundamentals we then teach students gun-handling skills and techniques designed to dramatically increase your ability to get shots on target quickly, while maintaining accuracy.
Students will build on their skills learned to include multiple target engagement, speed reloads, malfunction clearance techniques, and presentation from the holster.  
You will progress to timed presentation on target from a holster getting two solid hits in around 2 seconds.
No COVID related refunds will be made.


$500 deposit

Join us in Arizona!

The balance of the payment can be made in 4 additional payments or as one payment invoiced after registration.