• Dennis Collins

How I handled my latest shit test!

She didn't like the way I answered the question to her friends as she is uncomfortable and insecure about my solo hiking trips.

The question was innocent enough, "are you a hiker or a camper?"

My response was "I am a hiker, I take a solo hiking trip once a year, but since meeting my girlfriend I have started enjoying camping as well."

Her friend started in with why don't I invite my girlfriend, I laughed and said I guess you do not understand the definition of solo i.e. alone. At that moment the good mood of my girlfriend went South.

I began these solo hiking trips before I met her and I wasn't going to discontinue them any time soon. They are my chance to re-evaluate the year that has gone by and look at the year ahead. This is my time with nature my thoughts, and God. I watch no television and spend four sometimes as much as 6 hours a day without seeing another human as I hike.

The hour-long trip home was almost total silence except for the one time she decided to tell me why she was so upset. I listened, empathized, and did not defend, explain, or justify. The good thing was there was some great music on the radio.

She was pissy the next day so I kept communication short and sweet. She even did something to cause herself more work, stating an issue I was going to help her with that she no longer needed me to do it even though she was working all day I would not have time to do it.

I had to work that night so I left it at that. The good morning text I sent was short and sweet, based on her response I still sensed she had some attitude. It was Sunday but she had to go in and work. Then I decided it was time to be me.😈😈😈

This was my next text:

If you wanna come by for some hot sweaty sex later on today feel free😈👅😘🐙

She just texted me she's done with work on her way to my house.

What I have not done since is apologize. I answered a question that was asked. Her issues or insecurities related to it are her's to deal with not mine. I will take my solo hiking trip every year. I will go on men's retreats, I will have trips I do with other men in addition to the trips we take together.

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