Mexico Men's Retreat 2024

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Spending time with other men without distractions, devices, or deadlines is an important part of growing into a stronger, calmer, more confident man. There’s something therapeutic and tribal about eating together, sitting by a fire together, and sharing important life experiences together.

That said, there are few opportunities for men to spend quality time together these days. That’s why I organize men’s retreats in Austin Texas where men can talk openly and plainly with each other about important life issues. 

Here are some of the things you will learn…

  • ¬†How to¬†stop being a nice guy
  • ¬†How to¬†reclaim your personal power
  • ¬†How to¬†overcome fear, shame, and anxiety
  • ¬†How to¬†quiet your mind and control your thoughts
  • ¬†How to¬†ask for what you want at work, home, and in the bedroom
  • ¬†How to¬†better understand women
  • ¬†How to¬†get the¬†love and affection you want
  • ¬†How to¬†have mind blowing¬†sex
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