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Exploration of the Erotic

Online course available now!

See link below.

Exploration of the Erotic: Welcome
Canva - Erotic toys. Top view of red lea

Come explore and learn

·         Explore the erotic & BDSM safely.

·         Gain insight into the psychology behind the desires.

·         Ability to ask questions of both male and female coaches.

Over 20 years combined experience playing and exploring in the BDSM world. 

·         Learn about BDSM and why women love it.

·         No topic is taboo.


Safely Explore The Erotic


Has the romance in your relationship started to die off?  What if some education, about the darker side of the erotic that is in us all can revive it, and make it hot, fun, and passionate again!

This course is designed to help those new to BDSM a thoughtful way to learn and explore without porn.  You can even watch this with your partner!  You might find that adding a little kink is the cure to reconnect and revive the romance department.


Exploration of the Erotic: Services

Price List 
$269 for the online course- link below

Exploration of the Erotic: Price List
Exploration of the Erotic: HTML Embed
Exploration of the Erotic: HTML Embed
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