Your Valentine's Day Playbook!!!

Feb 07, 2019

Valentine’s Day Playbook

Valentine’s Day is the best day ever!!! Right?

This is only true for chocolate companies and florists! Their favorite holiday is coming up and I bet you are excited too. But will your wife be excited?

Many of you are going through a tough time. So, is Valentine’s Day a blessing or a curse?

If she has not been having sex with you for months or has been asking for space, how do you think she will be looking at Valentine’s Day?

I can tell you in one word. PRESSURE.

You could buy flowers, chocolates or plan a big night out. But, if she doesn’t recognize anything you do now what makes you think she is going to hug you, kiss you and say let’s go to bed? If you’re honest you probably know she is going to roll her eyes, go PFFFT, and walk away.

Be honest with yourself. Will this attempt cause a positive or negative response? If you are doing this to get validation from her you can expect a negative response and an unhappy Valentine’s Day.

When you are trying to fix things at home the last thing you need is to apply more pressure…real or perceived.

Get her a card instead. And that's it.

Do you have daughters? If you do plan a night out with them. This assumes they are younger and do not have boyfriends. Valentine’s Day is busy and overpriced so consider going out the night before or after or even the weekend before or after to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Put your energy into the ladies you love.

If you also have boys at home then plan on doing something with all the kids. Leave a bottle of wine and some bubble bath and let your wife have an evening to relax. I have a gorgeous redheaded friend and I told her about taking the daughters and or all the kids out so she could have some time alone. She added the thought about the wine and bubble bath. She said it was “divine” to have 3 hours with no responsibility, taking a relaxing bubble bath and having some wine.

If you do not have daughter(s) go out with your son, have a boy’s night out. No kids? Go doing something fun that you want to do with buddies (who are single).

I don’t make a huge deal out of Valentine’s Day and I NEVER do flowers on it. Buying flowers is an easy cop out in my opinion. I also never do flowers on birthdays, anniversaries or mothers' day.

I do flowers on a Wednesday........for absolutely no reason. Stop thinking of flowers for just your wife. When is the last time your bought flowers for your daughter for no reason? Want to make an impact? Before this week is over buy your daughter(s) flowers for no reason.  

You are working on becoming a great man, establishing a legacy and modeling to your daughters what a good husband and father looks like. When you walk in the door she will ask if they are for mom. Be ready and give a response like "No for you. I saw them, I thought they were beautiful and thought of you so I bought them." Or, "I realized I haven’t bought you flowers in a long time and thought these were almost as pretty as you, so I got them for you." Make the comment heartfelt, make it you! You could put them in her room in a vase so she finds them when she comes home. When it comes to flowers it truly is the thought that counts. Find a small mixed bouquet that looks beautiful and is fresh.

I’ve learned that adopting this plan and mindset gives me a far better chance of having a wonderful Valentine’s Day than going over the top for someone who doesn’t even want to talk to you.

You got this.

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