Yesterday would have been my anniversary

Nov 07, 2019

I wanna do take a moment and share something with you guys as many of you struggle with when will you stop hurting, when will you stop missing your wife or ex-wife.

Yesterday would have been my 10th wedding anniversary.

A man posted about having a bad day missing his wife and I'm here to tell you what you already know, there's nothing wrong with that.

In the middle of a coaching call yesterday I came to the realization it would a been my 10th anniversary during that call. It did not make me sad. If I am honest I didn't feel anything, we have been divorced for a little over 2 years. Before that I spent 2 to 3 years I was trying to save the marriage but it wasn't savable because the person that I was married to was gone.

The only thought that popped into my head was to shoot my stepdaughter and note to make sure she touched base with her mom in case she was struggling yesterday in any way shape or form.

Now it was not like this with my first marriage, where I was kicked to the curb. With that one, I carried anger for a long time and that anniversary for several years used to bum me out.

Once I started working on myself, focusing on self-improvement, addressing the anger issue, the anniversary stopped bumming me out. Not too many years ago I thought of sending my first wife a thank you card on the anniversary but I knew that it would not be received in the way I meant it to be, a genuine thank you.

Without the pain I would not have had the growth. With the darkness and journey out from it I would have never been on the path I found myself on and would not have found Steve, Dan, and my amazing brotherhood of coaches and all you wonderful men. Even before then I knew I wanted to thank her because what hurt so badly at the time was needed to be where I am today.

So if you are reading this and missing your wife, or ex-wife it is okay. This will pass, and who knows maybe even you will want to send her a thank-you note.

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