Top 5 Reasons Women Divorce

Feb 14, 2023

We know women initiate 80% of the divorces, let’s look at why they divorce.

You can't help but ready a few articles on divorce and you will quickly learn that 80% of divorces are initiated by women. While the reason for this will vary depending on who wrote the article, very often the article fails to dive into why they divorce.

Divorce is an emotionally charged and often difficult topic to discuss, but it's important to look at the underlying reasons why women might choose to divorce their husbands.


· Infidelity

· Financial issues

· Lack of communication

· Physical violence

· Growing apart

1. Infidelity: It seems that no matter the age or time period, unfaithfulness continues to be one of the primary causes of divorce in marriages around the globe. In fact some studies show that 18% of all divorces are due solely to cheating on one or both partners’ part. Women especially feel betrayed when their partner has been unfaithful because it undermines trust and can cause feelings of shame and humiliation as well as hurt. What most articles fail to point out is that cheating occurs at basically the same rate with women and men.

2. Financial Issues: Money is often cited as one of the major sources of stress in many relationships and can be a significant factor in whether or not a couple decides to stay together. In some cases, financial disagreements can lead to arguments that spiral out of control and ultimately lead to divorce proceedings being filed by either party involved. Studies show that 10% of all divorces are attributed directly to money problems between partners such as excessive spending habits or an unwillingness/inability on one person's part to adequately contribute financially towards shared expenses like rent or bills. You need to be on the same page when it comes to money. You need a budget, your own spending money and an agreement on priorities.

3. Lack of Communication: Unfortunately, not being able to effectively communicate with each other is another big contributing factor for why women might decide to part ways with their husband. Poor communication can fuel misunderstandings between couples which can eventually lead them down an irreversible path towards breaking up if not addressed quickly enough by both people involved in the relationship. This account for about 8% of all divorces. There are lots of issues in this category, one or both spouses have difficulty expressing themselves effectively, men not listening, women not listening, women thinking that “hinting” is actually communicating – it is not. This often leads them into conflicts they cannot resolve amicably on their own terms. This is where a good counselors or coach can be very helpful.

4. Physical Violence: Domestic abuse is unfortunately still quite common in today’s world. This reason is cited about 6% of the time. Society often mistaken believe that men assault their wives at a much higher rate than wives assaulting their husbands, this is not true. 58% of assaults are by men, 42% are by women only a difference of 8%. Often, I have women get upset when I discuss this, they want to believe the false narrative that men are the abusers. Ironically the most domestic partnership with the most reports of physical violence are lesbians.

Men if you partner assaults, you call the police and have her arrested. To often I talk to men who are hesitant to do this. When I what would have happened if the roles were reversed they often say she would have called the police. Have her arrested, press charges, get a restraining order. Protect yourself and your children.

It goes without saying physical violence is NEVER acceptable.

5 Growing Apart: Lastly yet certainly not least another key reason possibly causing woman divorcing husband revolves around simply growing apart gradually over time gradually slowly distancing further & further away emotionally & physically basically no longer bonding anymore. One article said this was due to circumstances beyond our control and our busy lives. What a load of crap that is.

You can choose to continue to date your wife, making growing connection and intimacy a priority in your relationship. You must choose to have some getaways without the kids. If you think you can just start to connect again when the kids are out of the house, or when you retire you make get a very unpleasant surprise before you get to that point.

A relationship is like a beautiful vegetable garden. To have a bountiful harvest you have to tend to it and take care of it so it can grow.

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