Top 10 things women find sexy!!!! Part II

Apr 16, 2019

So last week was part one of the top ten. Let’s quickly recap the top 5:

1. Confidence

2. Sense of humor

3. Direct eye contact

4. Sensual touches

5. Listening/conversation skills.

This survey included more than ½ dozen women range from 40’s all the way up to 60’s and beyond. Trust me you would be lucky if you got to date any of them. Dating some of them could give you a heart attack. These are women you wish you could date.

I told you last week this is not a scientific survey, this is a survey of real life sexy women. When asked these women said they would love to have sex 3 or more times a week. Yes you read that right.

More than half the things they listed that make a man sexy had nothing to do with sex. I have been trying to get guys to understand that foreplay for the weekend begins on Wednesday, if it has even stopped since the last time you were intimate.

So here is the rest of the top 10 things women find sexy list and then some of the specific comments from them.

6. Intelligence

7. Compliments

8. Take Charge/Lead

9. Take Care of Himself/Sense of style

10. Date Planning/Kissing


Intelligence was mentioned by almost every woman. They want a man they can have a meaningful conversation with from time to time. These sexy women are all smart themselves- high powered job, some own their own businesses. Specific comments: Men who are intelligent, I really enjoy mental stimulation, makes the physical so delicious, and I find intelligence very sexy.


Women appreciate a sincere compliment. Why would you not tell your sexy girlfriend or wife just how amazing she looks? Remember guys saying you are sexy when you are both naked in bed may be true, but it is to easy. When is the last time you told them what a great mom they are?

Specific comments: Specific compliments-“you look great in those jeans” NOT “you look good”, tell me I’m sexy, when and when not making love, you look amazing in that outfit.

Take Charge/Lead:

Now we are not talking 50 Shades of Grey- though you might be surprised how many of these sexy women enjoy a good spanking! Take charge lead, but don’t be an asshole. Specific comments: I like a man who takes charge, sometimes I want to be taken, invite me to join you, have a plan.

Take Care of Himself/Sense of style:

Sexy women want a man that looks good. Quote the caught my eye-“don’t have to be rock star handsome or eve 6 pack fit” but you need to look decent. They were clear, proper fitting jeans go a long way.

Specific comments: Every man need to find “his style and thing”, properly fitting clothes-build does not matter just wear a proper fitting pair of jeans, a well dressed man-in a suit or a nice pair of jeans.

Date Planning/Kissing:

Can’t say this surprised me to be honest. Women like a man who plans dates. I make this topic part of my coaching practice and have consistently had men tell me the women will tell them how much the love a man who plans an evening! While I enjoy going to the movies, dinner and movies does not count as a date for me. You cannot talk to your date, you are either eating or in the theater.

Specific comments: Plans dates, tries new things, letting me decide whatever but from choices he’s supplied that shows he knows what I like. Enjoys kissing, kiss me like you mean it, kissing more than just my lips.

Three of the women mentioned food, either in the bedroom or just being able to cook. I can personally attest to the power of being able to cook guys, it differentiates you from the pack.

I know most women who work love to have a man who can cook so it is not always their responsibility. Nothing is more enjoyable than cooking with my girlfriend or making her dinner with no agenda just to eat, relax, and maybe enjoy a glass of wine and each other's company.

Some closing thoughts/things that were mentioned:

Someone who truly cares about my happiness and safety.

Caring and attentiveness, genuine.

There are lots of thing-many seem small but the often get our attention and set a man apart from the rest.


Being spontaneous.

Having a kind heart.

Holding a door open for me. 

Remember if you are struggling with your relationship with your wife you may not be intimate right now. That does not mean you cannot give sincere compliments, be the confident, flirty and fun guy as you work on becoming a great man, the kind who leaves a legacy.

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