She's not wearing her wedding ring!

Aug 09, 2019

So what? It's a symbol that she's feeling disconnected or checked out. She has taken it off because of that or she could be testing you to see how you react.

Are you calm, the rock and say nothing? Or do you go into full hummingbird mode pointing it out, talking about how it bothers you, asking why? This issue comes up frequently with the men in our group as well as the men that I coach.

There's no way to tell the reason why she is not wearing it. Would you rather that she wear the ring, smile and act like she wants to be near you but is out screwing and 3 or 4 other guys?

Trust me I've known some women who have worn their ring played the role of a good wife and mother and a been carrying on affairs with multiple men for years before finally divorcing.

So are you secure enough not to give a fuck if she wears her wedding ring?

Trust and insecurityYou mistakenly think that your wife wearing her ring means everything may work out.   

Women have the same issue if you're not wearing your ring.  Have you known any of those wonderful guys when they're traveling out of town who take their ring off?  

At a conference last year I observed men who took off their wedding rings while hanging out at the bar chatting with women from the conference. 

I talked with some of the ladies as they were discussing how pathetic it was because they could see the white band on their ring finger so they knew these guys were married.  I heard the phrase "sleazy" and "scummy" used in discussing those men.

At the end of the day, it's a symbol, and for some of you that are struggling in your marriage, it's a symbol of hope. 

The reality is that your hope for the relationship, the relationship you are trying to save, is to be the rock and do the work to become a great man.  Because if you are honest that relationship you are trying to save isn't worth saving.

Be the kinda man who does not react to things but chooses how he behaves and conducts himself so that he is in line with his values.

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