My wife's affair, my anger - lessons learned.

Feb 28, 2021

So, three weeks ago, I was cleaning out my basement, I came across this manila envelope that wasn't marked. It was the phone records that documented my wife's emotional affair 15+ years ago. Now back then I did not know what an emotional affair was, hell I didn’t even know about the walk away wife! 

Now I laughed that I still had this, I thought I had thrown theme away. But there was a time when the divorce was happening. And for a few years after I held on to that, like it was gold, because it proved what she did to me and what she did wrong. And that was because I was in victim mindset. And I was angry. And what I didn't realize is the anger was holding me hostage.

Lessons Learned:

  • Anger was holding me hostage.

  • Your anger is not a laser beam but a grenade that hurts others around you.

  • Forgiveness is a gift for both you, and the one who did you wrong.

My anger though directed at my wife also caught my children in the blast zone. It's why I have a no relationship with my daughter now because as a 13 year old, she felt that rage, that anger. And she still sees and remembers me as that guy.

And this is why I'm talking about this guys, because a lot of you who are having relationship issues right now are struggling with anger and frustration towards your spouse. Forgetting and not realizing she's hurting too. And you were clueless to some of the pain you are causing.

I want you to let go of that anger. If you've got that kind of anger inside where you just can't take it anymore. realize you're not just hurting her with it, you're hurting yourself and your children.

So what I want you to do, gentlemen, if you're waking up at night, not sleeping, can't fall asleep. I want you to go to the Get in Touch button on the upper right on this page. Send me a note, fill out the form. Let's talk. I don't charge anything for that. I want to help you sleep well at night and get past the anger before you damage the relationship with any of your children.  

Have a great day brother.


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