My son just got on a plane to Colombia South America and it's my fault!

Jul 12, 2019

We were eating dinner and talking about my solo hiking trip to Iceland when my son said that he thought it was pretty cool that I went by myself and that I inspired him.

I didn't say anything, but I thought it was odd as this is the third year I've done my solo hiking trip. It was the first time I went out of the country. It's time for me my thoughts nature and God. He explained his frustration of being unable to get any of his buddies to get time off to go on a trip.

He said I inspired him, so he booked a trip last week to Colombia South America.

Instantly the thoughts of Crockett and Tubbs and how dangerous Colombia was from the 80s popped into my head.

I thought but did not say hell there's so many other countries to pick besides Colombia.

I asked is Colombia safe? He informed me that he's been doing a lot of research and his friend live there for two months last summer and that it was. Turns out Colombia is not the danger zone it used to be and is a thriving tourist destination now. Who knew?

I went online to check and found that is what the perception is now. While there are some unsafe areas, as there would be in any country, generally it's safe and tourism is becoming one of their bigger industries.

We discussed how he's going to present himself. He said, no expensive watch, he bought cheap sunglasses, and was planning on staying in the good hostels. The hiking trips and excursions from the hostiles we're legit and he's going to be using those to explore. He also learned how to say “foreign exchange student” in Spanish. He wraps up the trip with 4 nights 5 days at a beach resort on an island off Columbia.

I was proud of him. Many adults I know wouldn't be comfortable going on a trip by themselves. Heck many of them are comfortable being at home by themselves for an evening.

When I started taking you solo trips to go hiking half of my friends were jealous. “That is awesome” “I’m so jealous” were the comments. Surprising me the other half who made it clear they could never do that. Not because of logistics, but the thought of going away by themselves was not something they could handle.

Could you go away for a week by yourself? Are you comfortable with yourself?

What make some people unable to stay at the lake without a cell signal or be fearful of spending a week by themselves?

Are you comfortable enough with yourself for a solo trip? If not what work do you need to do to change that?

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