Mentoring Men

Feb 14, 2021

Good morning brothers,

I've been working on site for the men's community and I would love for you to join as an initiated brother who has a heart for helping other brothers through difficult experiences and who wants to see a message of self love, self acceptance, and self confidence spread to as many of our brothers as possible.

The community is where we will be hosting general discussions and posting videos, as well as information about weekly group calls, offline and online events, men's retreats, courses, etc.

There is also an app of iOS and Android, which makes it easy to control notifications and stay connected from anywhere.

Today is the day we are launching and the link below will give you a one day launch day discount of 69%! This discount is limited to the first 200 men who join. This community will have a minimum of 10 live coaching calls per month and ongoing new content and courses for men. Currently we have 8 coaches and mentors and will have over a dozen soon!  

Personally I know Charlie, Matt, Sven and myself have the heartfelt desire to create the greatest community online to help serve men regardless of what stage they are in their life. For this reason I am sending this to you so you can join us and invest in yourself while saving some money too.

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