Lingerie models talk men backstage!

Nov 02, 2020

Morning and welcome to this week's coffee and conversation where we reveal what lingerie models talk about backstage. Yes, I have the scoop. So I was part of a lingerie fashion show I was one of the stallions- a bunch of men, we all had to be in suits, to help with the actual work of putting on the fashion show and assist the ladies in attendance. My girlfriend was in the lingerie fashion show, she was the only nonprofessional model there, every other model had to be over 30. But they were all professional part time, or full-time models, most of them part time. Backstage they were talking about dating and all the challenges they're having with men. And ironically, only one model back there had a boyfriend and that was my girlfriend. So here we have women who are attractive, beautiful women who are confident enough to model lingerie, yet they can't find a decent man.

So what were their complaints?

· Failure to take initiative in asking them out and planning the evening

· Men’s inability to plan dates

· Men of character who could be a good example of how a man should be for their kids

· Chivalry-men who open a door for a woman 

I had a man in my community ask are they really interested in finding a quality man, and from what I have been told the answer is yes.

Men this goes to what we teach in coaching, the man is responsible for running the romance department. This holds true if you are married or single. For the married men reading this, are you still dating your wife?

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