I forgot my phone!

Jun 19, 2019

My girlfriend and I left early Saturday morning to go play in a golf tournament.

We had about an hour and twenty minute drive to get there. We haven't played golf in a while so I was looking forward to it.

Ten minutes from the house as we're waiting to turn on the highway I realized and said out loud "I forgot my phone."

She asked do you want me to turn around and go get it? I thought about it and said nah. I mean she was who I intended to spend the day with and I really didn't care as my kids are older so there were no need to have to be able to get a hold of me. I had such an amazing day and didn't even care that I didn't have my phone.

I watched as people checked text messages and all sorts of other stuff that didn't need to be done instead of enjoying the gorgeous day and playing golf.

Afterwards at the after-party I noticed the same. Instead of being fully present with the friends, some of which they hadn't seen in years, people were checking their phones periodically.

Are you more preoccupied with your phone then with the people you're spending time with?

And by that I mean your wife, girlfriend, children, and friends.

We have become a society that has become addicted to our phones.

I know of one gal who was invited by friends of mine down to their lake house for a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

When she got there she did not have cell signal, which is awesome when you are at the lake. She could not handle that and did not stay the weekend. Three hours after arriving she went home.

Personally Ithink that's pathetic.

If you're having a conversation with someone and every time your phone beeps or dings you stop to check it what is that telling the person you're talking to about your priorities?

The phones and their apps are designed to be addictive.

We hear the same complaint from men and women alike, their significant other spends hours on their phone instead of engaged with the family.

Could you leave your phone at home for the day and not care?

Most people can't, literally they get anxious.

Now I'm not saying I wouldn't have gone back and gotten my phone if it was a work day. Depending on what I'm doing I need my phone as I run three businesses from my cell phone. Some of my work is such that I rely on the GPS.

Cell phones can be a wonderful tool. Unfortunately many people have become slaves to their phones and the beeps and dings of their notifications.

I am posting this article from my phone when I'm spending a week hiking in Iceland. All of my alerts have been turned off period.

I have turned off almost all of the notifications and alerts except for some work-related emails and a few other items that I haven't turned off since getting a new phone.

Newsflash, texts are rarely urgent or an emergency. I hate to burst your bubble but very few things that are texted are urgent and few require immediate attention. In a true emergency people will call.

Significant or emotional discussions should never be conducted via text.

Tone, attitude, and meanings are often misunderstood with texts. Sarcasm gets lost too!

Texts are great for letting a significant other know to pick up a gallon of milk, scheduling issues like: Can you pick up Maddie at 5:30 on your way home from work?

Want to be a better man and improve your relationship with your kids, wife, significant other, and coworkers? Put down the phone and be fully present with them when you're with them.

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