Girlfriend Qualifying System

Dec 25, 2023


One of the biggest mistake men make after a divorce is dating to soon.  If you have not worked on yourself, love yourself and your alone time, you are not ready to date. 


You do not need to be in a rush to start dating, you have a lifetime to date, and have fun.


 Now when you are ready to date, I always teach men to date 2-3 women as very often men who are not ready to date often find the first woman they are dating to be “amazing, she is awesome.”  This is because they have been in an intimacy starved relationship for so long that any attention is a pleasant surprise.


I want to be clear that I am talking about dating multiple women while being open and honest about it.  No lying, just an honest statement of “I am recently divorced and just starting to date again, I am not willing to jump into an exclusive relationship right away- it wouldn’t be fair to you or me.”


Because of the joy of actually experience, connection, intimacy and spending time with a fun woman, men often overlook red flags and jump into a relationship way too early.  This guide is designed to help you avoid that mistake.


You need to evaluate any potential girlfriend through two lenses.  Does she have 80% of the qualities you want in a partner.  Finding a woman with 80% of the qualities you want makes her a great potential partner.  Does she have any deal breakers?  One deal breaker eliminates her as a girlfriend, but she might still be okay to be a FWB.

Take 20 minutes and think about the qualities you want in a partner


Employed                  Intelligent                 Happy Disposition              Proximity to you


Likes kids                  Has kids                                 Doesn’t have kids               Physically fit


Enjoys hiking            Enjoys dancing                    Likes live music                   Similar musical taste


Cooks                         Ability to travel                   Self sufficient                       What age range?


Is kinky                                   Playful                                    Honest                       Similar hobbies


Understands guy time       Is comfortable with self                Loves sex     


Can talk about sex              College educated                Has done self-work           


Easy to talk to         Similar sex drives               









This is not an all inclusive list, and some of these may not be qualities you care about add to this list as you see fit.


Take 10 minutes to identify the deal breakers



Smoker                      Does Drugs               Drinks to excess                  Lives too far away


Has small kids          Has not worked on or is not working on herself          DUI history


Blames ex for 100% of the problems    Is a feminist              Talks down about men


Has significant consumer debt               Lives beyond her means     Doesn’t like kids


Doesn’t want kids (you have kids)         Has criminal record            Has chronic illnesses


Has significant food sensitives/incompatibility (You carnivore-her vegan)           


Generally unhappy             Has victim mentality          Looking to marry right away


Not intelligent                     Negative outlook/attitude           Only talks about politics


Wants kids (you are good with what you have)






This is not an all-inclusive list, and some of these may not be deal breakers for you.

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