Every man needs to watch and learn from “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande”

Jul 04, 2022

Hulu has a new movie out “Good Luck To You, Leo Grande” that Melanie and I watched this past weekend.

Instead of the standard, "Pretty Woman" rich man hires a sex worker format this movie flipped the script.

Emma Thompson plays the lead, Nancy Stokes, a 62-year-old retired religious education teacher who is a widow hiring a younger good looking male sex worker to fulfill her sexual bucket list.

I felt sorry for her!

Not because her husband died, but for 30 years the sex consisted of him getting on top of her, penis in vagina sex till he came, and then he rolled off and went to sleep.

Like many women with a strict family or religious upbringing she was:

· Too proper to divorce him.

· Too proper to cheat on him.

· Living a life of quiet desperation.

· She had never had an orgasm! Not even from masturbation.

Unless you have been living under a rock most men should know that less than 19% of women can orgasm from penis-in-vagina sex.

Also between 5-15% of women have never had an orgasm! How sad is that?

This was a wonderful film that all men should watch- because it highlighted some of the sad realities many, if not most women deal with when it comes to body image issues.

Nancy, the lead character believed her body was unattractive. She saw only flaws and nothing else.

She had a constant feeling of not being good enough.

Not being sexy enough.

Not being enough just in general.

She could not see the beauty in her own body.

Sadly this is a reality for many, if not most women.

This was tied to how she was brought up at home, by society, and by the church.

Nancy seeks out an attractive younger male sex worker to help her complete a sexual bucket list. She knows she has missed out on it.

The funny thing is her mindset is what prevents her from enjoying sex. She sees it as something to “get over with”, approaching the bucket list as a “to-do” list of chores to be done. Sadly she does not include "have an orgasm" on that list because she believes she is not capable of that.

Leo Grande is the good-looking young 29-year-old sex worker who she hires, played by Daryl McCormack - who did a wonderful job with the role. He even consulted with several sex workers in preparation for this role.

· He focused on connecting with Nancy.

· He focused on dancing up and down the staircase of intimacy, not just jumping straight to sex.

· He helped her feel beautiful.

· He helped her understand that she was enough.

Your family, your church, and society have done a huge disservice to both men and women, keeping them ignorant when it comes to sex education, and shaming them for many aspects of sex.

Sex should be enjoyed! Not done to “get over with it” -though quickies can be a lot of fun.

As a man, if your sex education stopped with school, you are doing yourself, and any of your partners an incredible disservice.  

Sadly most people men, and women cannot even talk about sex!

If you cannot talk to your partner about your desires, dreams, fantasies, kinks, and fetishes when it comes to sex how could you ever hope to have a fulfilling sex life?

If you cannot talk to your partner about your desires, dreams, fantasies, kinks, and fetishes when it comes to sex how could you ever hope to have a fulfilling sex life?

I help men get to this place where they can do this. You will be shocked what even one conversation can do for you.

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