Are You Lacking This?

Jul 13, 2023

Where are you currently lacking self-discipline?

What issues cause you to respond from a victim mindset instead of rising to the challenge for yourself?

What fear do you get to avoid by playing the role of the victim? Often as men we create - and continue to manifest our own pain and suffering - by clinging to the story's - the lies that we tell ourselves.

We become comfortable with our level of suffering - because it is what we know - we are used to it - we are familiar with it.

Also we lie to ourselves - telling our scared in her child that - divorce, separation, the end of a relationship, leaving a job, would be worse and more painful.

It is a lie design to keep us safe - safe in The suffering that we know. Safe in the comfort of familiar pain - safe in the discomfort of just existing instead of living and thriving.

Yes personal growth and change IS UNCOMFORTABLE -because discomfort is part of the growth process.

Tell me where are you accepting comfortable suffering - being, existing in a less than situation instead of leading yourself through the pain and discomfort of growth, challenge, personal development and discomfort that leads to greater happiness, meaning, and fulfillment? 

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