6 Ways To Turn Off A Woman

May 01, 2019

A few weeks back I wrote about what women find sexy. I had a ton of great feedback. These same sexy women were also asked “what turns you off?”

Honestly these answers did not surprise me. These half dozen plus women are confident, sexy and successful. Exhibit these behaviors on a date with them and they would quickly be done with you.

1. Being more interested in your phone than your date.

2. Not being prepared to be present when we’re together.

3. Not texting/calling for days.

4. Being angry about life.

5. Overbearing cologne or generally smelling unclean.

6. Trying to fuck on the first date. (unless we both want to!)

Being more interested in your phone than your date:

This should not be a surprise. A woman you take out on a date would like you to actually be interested in her and the date. Put the phone away, pay attention to the sexy woman you are taking out. 

What is your priority the sexy woman you are with, or the score of the baseball game?

Not being prepared to be present when we’re together:

A number of the women discussed this. You need to be present, not thinking about work or other issues. Look at them when they are talking, don’t turn every conversation into something about you. Look into their eyes and listen to them.

Not texting/calling for days:

If you are interested in her this is not Jr. High. Let her know you had a good time. Take two minutes to send a quick text. "Wow that was fun last night. Can't wait to see you again."

Don’t ignore her all week then think on Friday you will reach out and say hi. Women want to know they are not a secondary thought.

You do not have to call every day! A quick text can go a long way. Make sure they know you are thinking of them.

Being angry about life:

I may have had an angry phase during/right after my divorce if I am being honest. It lasted a couple of months maybe. It is normal, and most women are not going to date you if you are newly divorced, they know you need to work through it.

Now if you are 5 years post divorce they don’t want a guy bringing extra anger and drama into their world. If you are angry it will act as woman repellent. You need to deal with your shit and address your anger/shame.

Overbearing cologne or generally smelling unclean:

Almost every woman in their list of what is sexy referenced a man smell or subtle cologne. But easy on the Axe Body Spray guys! There is to much of a good thing. You should not be going through a bottle of cologne in a month or two. A little goes a long way.

While I was not surprised about the comments about too much cologne the smelling unclean and body odor comments on the what turns a woman off surprised me. I mean don't we know to shower and look good if we are going on a date?

Trying to fuck on the first date. (Unless we both want to!)

If it is a great date it might have an even better ending with clothes on the floor. Nothing wrong with that.

The comments were about a guy’s attitude and pushing to get laid. The sense that you are only interested in sex and not her.

You should have one agenda on a first date, having fun and learning about the sexy woman you are with. Other than a good night kiss if it is a good date you should have no expectations.

Trust me if you hit it off you will have plenty of time for hot sexy fun in the future.

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