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Grounded Man  Retreat​ 2023

October 19 - 22, 2023

Brought to you by Mentoring.Men



Matt Epsky - The Lost Forty Project Coaching
Dennis Collins - Man of Legacy Coaching

* Do you want to feel more grounded and confident in all areas of your life?

*Do you want to untie that knot in your gut and stop worrying about stuff that doesn't matter?

*Do you want to have more strength and swagger in the face of your wife's emotional storms?

*Do you want to take your career by the horns and confidently carve out more meaning and impact?

Keep on the path.jfif

Special guest

Charlie "Happy Man" McKeevern 

Steve and I.jpg

Building Relationship Skills for Today's Man and Leader

Learn how to be a confident leader without being an ass

How to guide and inspire others with nearly zero effort

Clarify your core principles and attract others with your grounded energy

carts on path.jfif

Gaining Self-Confidence, Massive Self-Respect and More Attraction at Home and Work

Learn how to respond instead of reacting to things that normally piss you off.

Learn how to stop taking things personally.

Learn how to give your time and attention to others without feeling drained.

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matt putting.jfif

Even In The Feminine Storm!

Understand the deeper levels of feminine fear, anger and insecurity


Be the secure riverbanks even when the river rages.


Master making her feel heard and validated so she wants to be with you!


*Hiking or Golf



*Lifelong connections

*Amazing food

*Laughter & Fun


The Palace


Fine print:

Bring your clubs and from the moment you arrive
everything will be taken care of. 


You are responsible for supplying the golf balls needed
to play 2 rounds of amazing golf. 

One amazing trip into Zion National Park for a day.


No COVID related refunds, and
you must of course be in good health when you arrive.

Join us in Utah!

The balance will be invoiced after the initial deposit.  

Cost is all inclusive except travel and golf balls.

If you need or want a private room there are two available for and additional $150.00- SOLD OUT

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